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Donations until now

TheaterLast donationAmount (€)Expenditures (€)Balance (€)
Ancient Theater of Acharnes20/04/202230,486.5623,239.937,246.63
Theatre of ancient Aigai (Vergina)420.000.00420.00
Ancient Theater of Aigeira240.000.00240.00
Ancient Theater of Amvrakia (small)100.000.00100.00
Theatre of Amphilochian Argos320.000.00320.00
Ancient Theater of Amphiariou03/02/20221,520.100.001,520.10
Ancient Theater of Amvracia (big)
Theatre of Amphipolis6,210.000.006,210.00
Theatre of Aptera30/03/2018700.000.00700.00
Ancient Theater of Askris07/09/202150.000.0050.00
Ancient Theater of Avdera780.00550.00230.00
Theater of ancient Corinth0.000.000.00
Odeon of Ancient Corinth125.000.00125.00
Ancient Theatre of Delos13/04/2021207,492.2896,745.39110,746.89
Large Theatre of Gortys (Acropolis)1,464.900.001,464.90
Theatre of Demetrias1,340.000.001,340.00
Hellenistic Theater of ancient Dion0.000.000.00
Roman Odeion of Dion0.000.000.00
Stadium of Dion0.000.000.00
Ancient Theater of Delphi26/03/2018107,405.56104,861.152,544.41
Theatre of Dionysos4,890.61300.004,590.61
Ancient Theater of Elis0.000.000.00
Theater of Epidaurus49,600.000.0049,600.00
Ancient Odeon of Epidaurus2,500.002,470.3229.68
Theatre of ancient Gitana29/03/20183,070.000.003,070.00
Ancient Theater of Dodona01/03/20222,160.000.002,160.00
Roman theatre of Gortys0.000.000.00
Ancient Theatre of Gythio19/01/20221,320.000.001,320.00
Roman Odeion of Gortys0.000.000.00
Theatre of the Pythian Apollo (smal Theater of Gortys)
Theatre of Eretria33,780.0033,751.0029.00
Theatre of Halassarna0.000.000.00
Ancient Theater of Zea0.000.000.00
Theater of Heronia (Chaironeia)
Ancient Theater of Isthmia0.000.000.00
Ancient Theater of Thassos0.000.000.00
Ancient Theater of Isthmus in Kefalos, Kos island0.000.000.00
Ancient Theater of Kato Vlassia in Kalavryta (Ancient Leontio)
Steps in the Agora of Kamiros0.000.000.00
Ancient Theater of Keryneia0.000.000.00
Ancient Theatre of Dionysos in Ikarion, Attica5,364.692,406.672,958.02
Minoan Palace of Knossos – Theatral area0.000.000.00
Ancient Theater of Ierapetra0.000.000.00
Theatre of the City of Kos0.000.000.00
Ancient Theater of Kabireion of Thebes0.000.000.00
Ancient Theater of Larissa II100.000.00100.00
Theater Space in Ancient Lato0.000.000.00
Theatre of Kalydon24/12/201819,580.0019,495.9184.09
Ancient Theater of Karthaia in Kea island31/01/202217,500.0016,824.61675.39
Little Theater of Cassope (or Vouleuterion)
Theater of Cassope12/04/202122,905.5621,796.881,108.68
Ancient theatre of Lefki0.000.000.00
Ancient Theater or Odeion of Lissos0.000.000.00
Amphitheater of ancient Corinth0.000.000.00
Odeion (or Ecclesiasterion) of Ancient Messene0.000.000.00
Ancient Theater of Milos3,000.002,152.50847.50
Ancient Theater of Larissa I54,097.1053,977.40119.70
Roman Stadium of Nicopolis0.0023,072.00-23,072.00
Theater of Lefkas200.000.00200.00
Ancient Theater of Lindos16/02/2018350.000.00350.00
Roman Odeion (Conservatory) of Patras100.000.00100.00
Minoan Palace of Phaistos – theatrical area0.000.000.00
Theatre of Macynia22,360.0021,156.971,203.03
Odeion of Rhodes0.000.000.00
Theater of Megalopolis1,400.000.001,400.00
Ancient Theater of Messene09/08/201921,890.8021,564.19326.61
Theatre of the Ancient City of Samos400.000.00400.00
Αncient Theatre of Samothrace21/10/20195,365.004,982.00383.00
Ancient Theater of Mieza350.000.00350.00
Theatre of Mytilene885.000.00885.00
Ancient Theater of Nicopolis21/01/202026,218.6023,608.602,610.00
Odeion of Thessaloniki0.000.000.00
The Roman Odeon of Nicopolis0.000.000.00
Theater of ancient Oeniades400.000.00400.00
Theatre – Stadium of Thessaloniki0.000.000.00
Ancient Theater of Thoricus04/07/2018715.000.00715.00
The ancient theatre of Arcadian Orchomenos0.000.000.00
The theatre of Orchomenus in Boeotia0.000.000.00
Theatre of Thyrreion0.000.000.00
Ancient Theater of Platiana03/01/20224,600.000.004,600.00
Theater of Nea Pleurona350.000.00350.00
Ancient Theater of Sicyon13,000.0012,914.4085.60
Ancient theatre of Sparta13/02/2018101,469.6199,894.231,575.38
Theater of Stratos346.000.00346.00
Theatre of Phthiotidai Thebes27/05/20228,612.006,416.002,196.00
Theatre of Philippi0.000.000.00
Roman Theater of Hersonissos200.000.00200.00