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Our Principles

DIAZOMA was founded on the initiative of the former Minister of Culture Stavros Benos and with the participation of three “families”, which constitute its components: the family of the archaeological community (archaeologists, restorers, conservators, etc.), the family of artists and intellectuals of the country, and the family of local communities (mayors, regional governors, citizens).

We are in constant cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs, Culture and Sports in order to connect and instigate all the forces of Greek society (citizens, mayors – regional leaders, universities, cultural sectors), aiming at the promotion and protection of a special category of monuments, of ancient viewing and listening.

In addition to pursuing our basic goal of shaping wide-ranging social synergies to assist the General Secretary of Culture in the promotion and protection of the monuments, there is a wealth of activities that come from the pioneering ideas of members and volunteers, such as: digital tours via mobile phones, cultural routes, 3D depictions, enrichment of sponsorship. All the above ideas and actions, which are mainly proposed by young people, shape our ideological, emotional and experiential selves.

With the citizens and their ideas, a civil movement is developed for the ancient theaters that grows stronger and is enriched day by day. With this potential, the monuments become the focus of two important historical sessions: civil society on the one hand and the economy of tourism, environment and culture on the other. The socialization of the monuments, combined with the sustainable development of Greece, is the great visionary goal of DIAZOMA.

All these are based on the solid ground of the absolute transparency of all the administrative and financial actions of the Association, as well as a strong business plan that focuses both on the multiple documentation of the ancient sites of viewing and listening, (recording, scientific releases, documentaries, etc.) and on alternative funding from three new funding gates (sponsors, city-regions and citizens) with the invitation addressed by the DIAZOMA “ADOPT AN ANCIENT THEATER”.

Our efforts have already yielded significant fruits in the progress of the work in 55 ancient theaters, for which one can be informed in the section: AT A GLANCE.