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Corporate Members

By introducing the Diazoma Corporate Membership we are creating a new category, which contributes to the promotion of corporate social responsibility and establishes stronger ties between Diazoma and the Greek business community. Corporate members can contribute to Diazoma with an annual fee of their choice. The minimum annual fee is 3,000 euros.

Read more on how to become a corporate member here.

In exchange for an annual fee, Corporate Members will enjoy the following benefits.

A. With an annual fee of 3,000 euros:
• Diazoma membership
• Promotion in a designated section of the Diazoma website
• Corporate name credited at all Diazoma events
• Complimentary Diazoma publications and DVDs
• Frequent and comprehensive updates on all Diazoma activities
• Annual meeting with the Diazoma Board to discuss the work of Diazoma and the development of corporate social responsibility .

B. With an annual fee of 5,000 euros:
In addition to all aforementioned benefits, Corporate Members will enjoy:

• An annual presentation by the President of Diazoma on the progress of works on ancient theaters
• Guided tours of monuments of their choice for corporate executives and company staff.

C. With an annual fee of 10,000 euros:
In addition to all aforementioned benefits, Corporate Members will enjoy:

• Environmental activities held in the grounds of the monuments
• Contribution and presence of Diazoma in corporate members’ events regarding the monuments and the institution of sponsorship.

In this way we can ensure a continuous interaction between Diazoma and the professional community, which can contribute to the common goal of restoring and reviving ancient theaters.

Corporate Members
Corporate Member Meetings