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Funding Sources

This section details the funding sources for the restoration of ancient theaters. Apart from the two state funding gateways (government funds and funds from the European Union NSRF program), Diazoma aims to establish three new gateways, addressed to:

• local and regional governments, which can contribute financially through intergovernmental agreements with the Ministry of Culture
• The financially capable organizations of the country, who can become sponsors through the Law on Sponsorship
• citizens who can contribute to the efforts of Diazoma to restore and revive ancient theaters by making donations to Diazoma money boxes dedicated to each ancient theater.

With these three new funding gateways, Diazoma aspires to engage the entire community of citizens, and to create a movement for the love and protection of our cultural heritage.

(Last update December 2020)

Money Boxes (current account)
Programmatic Agreements (completed & ongoing P.A.)
Grant Agreements
National Funds
European Funds - National Strategic Reference Framework (NSRF 2014-2020)
Total : 78.849.055,28€