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The Roman Odeon of Nicopolis

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The Roman Odeon, among the most important and best preserved monuments in Nicopolis, is a true architectural masterpiece by some unknown but great architect. It lies at the centre of the town, on the west side of the Early Christian wall, adjacent to the Roman agora (forum). It was used for lectures, literary and musical contests and theatrical performances during the Nea Aktia religious games honouring Apollo. Being adjacent to the agora, it probably operated as a bouleuterion (council chamber) for the remaining months of the year. It was built during the reign of Augustus (early first century AD) and frequently repaired and remodelled in the late second century – early third century AD.
The odeon consisted of the cavea, the orchestra and the scene. The cavea contained 19 rows of seats and was divided into two sections by a small horizontal central corridor.

Archaeological Site of Nikopolis – NSRF 2007-2013, O.P. Competitiveness and Entrepreneurship

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Name of monument

Roman Odeion of Nicopolis



Brief description

Nicopolis Odeion, one of the most imposing monuments of the archaeological site In the center of the Roman city,, is located in the area intended for the construction of public buildings.


Ministry of Culture and Tourism / 33rd EPCA


Ministry of Culture and Tourism / 33rd EPCA






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