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Diazoma-Memorandum of Association

Ancient theater, one of the most splendid achievements of the ancient Greek civilization, is at the heart of all Diazoma activities.

The Diazoma memorandum of association presents our philosophy and function, and states the aims that we aspire to achieve.

Diazoma seeks to assist relevant civil services and academics in the research, protection, restoration, enhancement and promotion of the ancient venues, and to support, wherever feasible, the interaction between these wonderful monuments and contemporary cultural creation.

Diazoma seeks to publicize the beauty, originality, values, knowledge, aesthetics and harmony of ancient theaters in various ways. It organizes events and campaigns for each theater, adopts monuments and assists with funding their restoration, and utilizes relevant new technologies to support its cause. Further Diazoma pursues the following aims:
• to persuade the economic forces of Greece to contribute to this effort as sponsors
• To motivate local communities to gain a new respect for their local heritage through enabling them to be more physically interactive with these monuments
• to raise Greek citizens’ awareness of their cultural heritage, while at the same time supporting contemporary cultural creation
• to offer a creative outlet and help improve the quality of people’s daily lives globally
• to challenge the perception that monuments are outdated, and detached from contemporary society, and to help bring them back into daily use for people

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