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Who are we?

The DIAZOMA association was founded on the initiative of the former Greek Minister of Culture Stavros Benos and brings together three “families”: the archaeological community (archaeologists, curators, conservators, etc.), Greek artists and intellectuals and local authorities (mayors, regional administrations and citizens).

Our fundamental goal is to shape vast social networks of synergies in order to protect and promote this unique category of monuments that are the ancient theaters. To this end, Diazoma cooperates on an ongoing basis with the Ministry of Education, Research and Religious Affairs as well as with the Ministry of Culture and Sports and seeks to bring together and engage all actors of Greek society (population, mayors, prefects, universities, cultural associations) around this objective.

Raising awareness among the populations about the colossal cultural heritage and the unique potential of ancient theaters for their regions, having them participate in their preservation and revival, creating cultural routes and archaeological parks, organizing cultural events, enhancing the natural environment, adopting a charter of quality involving all the local actors (from small producers to local tourist companies), these are all steps to take towards the realization of the ultimate vision of Diazoma : the sustainable development of regions around their cultural heritage.

As a result, theaters are at the heart of two key encounters: the one with the people and the other with tourism economy, environment and culture.

Our movement for the ancient theaters is getting stronger and richer each day.

The effectiveness of our work results from a solid and innovative operational strategy. It is based, on the one hand, on studies involving the greatest names in archeology but also on a comprehensive documentation including publications, articles, documentaries, presentations, etc.

We also implement three alternative modes of funding, namely sponsorships, contributions from cities / regions and citizen participation in response to DIAZOMA’s “Adopt an Ancient Theater” invitation.

In addition, we develop programs inspired by original proposals from our members and volunteers such as digital guided tours via mobile phone, 3D representations of monuments, diversification of sponsorship, etc.
Finally, absolute transparency in all administrative and financial transactions is Diazoma’s golden rule.
Our efforts have already borne significant fruits, as evidenced by the progress of the works in no less than fifty-five ancient theaters. The following synoptic table will provide you with information on this progress: AT A GLANCE.

Diazoma’s philosophy and function is aligned with the European Parliament’s resolution of 8 September 2015 “Towards an integrated approach to cultural heritage for Europe (2014/2149(INI))”.

For more information about the resolution and the notable articles 14 and 15 that focus on the New governance models, please click, here (p. 27-38).