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Ancient Theater of Kabireion of Thebes

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  • In February 2010 the first visit of the president of the ‘DIAZOMA’ Association, Mr. Stavros Benos, to the ancient theatre of Cabireion took place, in the framework of his tour of the ancient theatres of Boeotia, where he met with all local agencies regarding the promotion of the theatre of Cabireion. (link)
  • ‘DIAZOMA’ has opened a special bank account (“piggy bank”) for the ancient theatre of Cabireion in Thebes. In August 2012 a special event for the financial support of the “piggy bank” of the ancient theatre was co-organised by the Thivaion Municipality and the ‘Laios’ Cultural Development Association (link)
  • In December 2013 the Programming Contract was signed, and with it the Region of Central Greece undertook funding the programme for the promotion of the ancient theatre with the amount of €50,000. (link) The programme included the following units: 1. Archaeological cleaning, 2. Survey and topography plan of the archaeological site, as well as of the decumbent archaeological material, 3. Complete photographic documentation and aerial photographs. 4. Charting the deterioration. Diagnosis of the deterioration (plan for materials) Review of older interventions. 5. Plan of the ancient water drainage system and, possibly, works to repair it, so that it is operational once more. 6. Demolition of the old shed that had been built during excavation research and construction of a covered area for the archaeological materials found in the space. 7. Signposting and informational signs.
  • During 2014 the Ephorate of Antiquities of Thebes implemented archaeological cleaning and a topographic survey. (CURRENTLY)
  • A new Programming Contract must be signed for further excavation research and the implementation of a monument restoration plan. (MOVING FORWARD)