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The ancient theatre of Arcadian Orchomenos

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Many monuments were revealed during the excavations and can be admired today including the theatre, the remains of the ancient agora, the city walls and the temple of Artemis Mesopolitis. Other monuments identified during the excavations are a Bouleuterion, a prehistoric tomb and a bridge of the Archaic Period.

The most important monument is the theatre (4th–3rd BC) with a capacity of 4,000. At an altitude of 800 metres it offered a spectacular view during cultural events.

  • On 1 December 2008, the President of DIAZOMA, Mr. Stavros Benos, visited the ancient theatre of Arcadian Orchomenos as part of his ancient theatre tour. There, he met with local bodies and institutions to discuss enhancing and promoting this ancient theatre. (link)
  • The DIAZOMA Association has set up a fundraising bank account (“piggy bank”) for the ancient theatre of Arcadian Orchomenos. (link)
  • In May 2009, ATTICA BANK donated 30,000 euros to the Ministry of Culture and Sport as a cultural sponsorship to finance excavation works and the topographic and architectural mapping, which were used to commission the restoration study. (link)
  • More specifically, the following works were carried out as a result of this sponsorship:
    • Replacement of the antiquated enclosure with new fencing of a different type in harmony with the environment of the archaeological site.
    • Removal of the rubble from previous excavations, particularly from the site of the skene.
    • Arranging, classifying, recording, photographing, and mapping the scattered building material.
    • Test pit excavations at selected parts of the monument, which helped provide a more complete picture of the form and structure of the theatre to facilitate its restoration.
    • Detailed architectural documentation of the monument.
  • The Prefecture of Arcadia allocated 200,000 euros to the Ministry of Culture via a Programming Agreement to construct a road to the ancient theatre of Arcadian Orchomenos. The construction has been completed.
  • The project “Enhancement and promotion of the archaeological site of Arcadian Orchomenos,” which fell under the priority axis “012: Sustainable Development and Quality of Life” of the Operational Programme “Western Greece- Peloponnese- Ionian Islands 2007- 2013,” was carried out with funding from the NSRF and a budget of 500,000 euros. Work on the ground commenced in June 2011 and was completed in September 2014. It focused on the entrance tower at the Acropolis site, the guard booth-visitor service point building, the site of the Agora, particularly the North Stoa and East Stoa (Bouleuterion), the Temple of Artemis, the tour paths, and the theater itself. As regards the theatre, cleaning was carried out mainly at the koilon, the skene-proskenion complex, and the rainwater drainage system. In addition, a metal ladder was constructed over the south retaining wall. (link)
  • On 8 June 2011, an event was held at the Old Parliament House in Athens to promote the ancient theatre of Arcadian Orchomenos. The event was organized by the Panarcadian Federation, the 39th Ephorate of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities, and the DIAZOMA Association. Its aim was to secure the synergy of institutional bodies and the citizens of Arcadia, under the shared vision of the complete excavation, protection, enhancement, and promotion of the ancient theatre. (link)
  • On 20 August 2011, the Theatre Group of Tripoli staged a twilight performance of the play “Eventide at Orchomenos,” which was open to the public. (link) The event was co-hosted by the 39th Ephorate of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities, the “Filotechnicos Omilos Levidiou” cultural group, and the Theatre Group of Tripolis in the context of the 9th Panlevidiotiko Antamoma festival. (link)
  • In February 2012, the DIAZOMA Association commissioned architect-engineer Mr. Stratis Pavlidis with the study for the restoration of the ancient theatre, with funds raised by the monument’s “piggy bank.” The “piggy bank” fundraising was supported by ATTICA BANK, the Local Association of Municipalities and Communities (TEDK) of Arcadia, citizens, and associations of the region.
  • On 24 December 2012, at the urging of the DIAZOMA Association, a Cultural Development Programme Agreement amounting to 50,000 euros to reveal the monument was signed between the Municipality of Tripolis, the Region of Peloponnese, and the Ministry of Culture and Sport. The object of the agreement was to carry out excavations at the site of the ancient theatre and, specifically, to fully reveal the drainage system, excavate the koilon (seating area), with particular emphasis on the two principal seating sections (kerkides) and their limits, and carry out test pit excavations at the diazoma (curved walkway separating the seating) and epitheatron (upper tier of seating), and fully reveal the skene (the building behind the orchestra). Funding was provided by the Municipality of Tripolis. (link)
  • In January 2017, the DIAZOMA Board of Directors took receipt of the restoration study for the ancient theatre of Arcadian Orchomenos and forwarded it to the competent bodies of the Ministry of Culture for approval. (link)
  • On 17 August 2019, a musical event dedicated to the poetry of great poets set to music was held at the ancient theatre of Arcadian Orchomenos with performances by Lakis Chalkias and Sofia Papazoglou. The event was co-hosted by the Region of Peloponnese, the Municipality of Tripolis, the Ephorate of Antiquities of Arcadia, and the Local Community of Orchomenos. (link)
  • In January 2019, the Central Archaeological Council (KAS) approved the restoration study commissioned by the DIAZOMA Association. (CURRENT STATE)
  • The study’s implementation needs to be included in a European or sponsorship funding programme. (NEXT STEP)