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Theater of Megalopolis

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The ancient theatre of Megalopolis, according to Pausanias (2nd century AD) was the largest one in its time.

Theater of Megalopolis - NET NEWS

Theater of Megalopolis -News (2010).

NameDateAmount (€)
Alexandros Panagiotopoulos50.00
Maria Alexopoulou50.00
Gerasimoula Karantzogianni100.00
Stefanos Tsolakidis100.00
Stamatios Koutsoukos100.00
Panagiotis Athanasas1.000.00
Continuation of the operations for theatre's restoration3.315.354.00

An agreement about Cultural Donation was signed between the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Tourism and DEI S.A. With that agreement, DEI S.A. took over  the financial support of the 39th Ephorate of Antiquities for the protection and promotion of Megalopolis antiquities, especially the ancient theatre of Megalopolis.

Additional Works10.000.009.998.00

This amount will be used for any additional operation.

  • The Municipality of Megalopolis and the Ministry of Culture and Tourism have signed a Programmatic Agreement budgeted at € 500,000; problems for the realization of the agreement have been resolved.
  • The Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the Public Power Corporation SA (PPC) have signed a Cultural Grant Agreement totaling € 2,815,354, according to which PPC undertakes to finance projects and studies of the 39th Ephorate of Antiquities for the protection and enhancement of archaeological monuments in the area of Megalopolis, namely the restoration and enhancement of the ancient theater.
  • Works on the utilization of these funds have begun.
  • The non-governmental organization “ELIX” collaborated with the Municipality of Megalopolis and implemented voluntary programs aimed at the conservation and restoration of the theater of Megalopolis and the archaeological site.
  • The project includes the restoration of two theater tiers (B and C).

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