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DIAZOMA Association 15th General Assembly in Kalamata and the Archaeological Site of Ancient Messene Successfully Completed

Northern Evia dominated the life of DIAZOMA in 2022.

Ancient Theatres, Cultural Routes, the “POLIS” Programme, and the Avenues of Culture are set to dominate 2023.

This was the crux of my speech, which was followed by the inspiring address of Professor Petros Themelis, the 15th General Assembly’s guest of honour.

An exhibition booklet, “AENAOS”, captures and depicts the ongoing and fascinating relationship between Professor Themelis and Ancient Messene.

Giorgos Kouroupos’ serenade, a piece from the heart, and Stathis Gyftakis’ four paintings completed the mosaic of art and love dedicated to Professor Themelis.

He, in turn, filled with passion, reminiscence, and poetry, wondrously unfolded his life’s work in an unforgettable tour that will stay with us forever.

And life at the DIAZOMA Association will thus go forth harmoniously, participatorily, poetically, patriotically.

Stavros Benos

President of the DIAZOMA Association


To watch excerpts from the 15th General Assembly, click on the links below:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c8a4asTRXbE (Friday 30/9/2022 afternoon, exhibition opening, dance performance, best volunteer award at the Kalamata Dance Megaron).

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hQlNG6Hg-q0&t=272s (Saturday 01/10/2022 morning, General Assembly working sessions at the Kalamata Dance Megaron).

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_zdSuAQeanQ (Saturday 01/10/2022 afternoon, Concert – Ancient Theatre of Messene).

  • The historic leadership of DIAZOMA: Stavros Benos, President of the Association; Petros Themelis, Vice -President, and Vassilis Lambrinoudakis, General Secretary
  • DIAZOMA President Mr Stavros Benos during the presentation of his speech at the Kalamata Dance Megaron
  • DIAZOMA President Mr Stavros Benos and Vice-President Professor Petros Themelis, during the presentation of his speech at the Kalamata Dance Megaron
  • The “Polytimi and Theodora Andriopoulou” best volunteer award was awarded to lawyer Mr Sotiris Foteas
  • Dance performance by the Municipal Dance School of Kalamata directed by Mrs Linda Kapetanea, Artistic Director of the Kalamata International Dance Festival
  • The concert comprising two original pieces - tributes to Petros Themelis with the collaboration of the Municipal Conservatory of Kalamata: "THE STOA OF STATUES, A serenade for ancient Messene by composer and member of the DIAZOMA Board of Directors Mr Giorgos Kouroupos and poet Mrs Ioulita Iliopoulou; "4 elements for Ancient Messene" by the composer and Artistic Director of the Municipal Conservatory of Kalamata Mr Stathis Gyftakis
  • The exhibition "AENAOS" with texts – photographs by Prof. Petros Themelis is a production of the "DIAZOMA" Association with the collaboration of Panagiotis Lambrinidis, artistic director of the "FARIS" Kalamata Municipality Beneficiary Organisation, and curated by Kassiani Benos and Maria Kourasani.
  • Mr Stavros Benos with the members of the Presidium of the General Assembly, Mrs Iris Kritikou and Mr Kostas Tsapogas
  • International creative competition for the cultural destination brand of “The Attica Trilogy: Eleusis-Athens-Lavrion” Cultural Route First Prize awarded to Mr Kostas Konstantinidis of PostScriptum
  • Mr Stavros Benos with: Mr Stathis Anastassopoulos, Thematic Vice-Regional Head of Primary Sector of Messinia, Mr Thanasis Vassilopoulos, mayor of Kalamata, and Mr Pantelis Drougas, president of "FARIS”
  • The organisation of DIAZOMA’s 15th General Assembly was successfully undertaken for another year by the cultural tourism office "Somewhere We Know"

Photos from all three days of the General Assembly are available on Flickr: