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6th Corporate Members Meeting

6th Corporate Members Meeting

5-7 April 2019

Mystras Grand Palace 


This year, at the DIAZOMA Association, we have decided to declare the year 2019 as “The year of the Ancient Theatre of Sparta”. The 6th Meeting of the Corporate Members will be held in Sparta and will focus on “The restoration of the ancient theatre as a local, national and international obligation”.

Our decision to hold the 6th Meeting in Sparta is based on the importance of the monument as well as the fact that, in recent years, interest has been rekindled by all the relevant institutions for the restoration of the ancient theatre of Sparta.

The road leading to the recognition of this great theatre was paved by the Stavros Niarchos Foundation, which funded the restoration study of the monument at a cost of Euros 111,000.

The JM Kaplan Foundation, which is based in New York, is funding $ 100,000 (Euros 81,070.13) for the first part of the restoration work of the ancient theatre of Sparta, and is expected to start in 2019.

Our 6th Meeting, which will take place from Friday April 5th to Sunday April 7th 2019, will be held in a specially designed hall at the Mystras Grand Palace Resort & Spa, and will have three distinct sections:

  1.  “Laconia, Sparta a Perpetual Myth”
  2. “The vision and the various views of our Corporate Members”
  3. “The restoration of the ancient theatre as a local, national and international obligation”

In the first and third sections, great archaeologists and architects will guide us through the history of the Spartan monuments, and mainly, they will talk about the synergies that are being developed to restore the ancient theatre of Sparta.

Also, in the second section we will talk about “The vision and various views of our Corporate Members”, that is, all the actions we develop with you, having as a main objective the integration of the monuments into the centre of life and their connection to entrepreneurship, primary production, and the digital world.

The central topic of the above section will be the pursuit of the best proposals for the operation and management of the new sites which we are planning and implementing along with all institutions and citizens of the country (Cultural Routes and Archaeological Parks).

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