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1st Corporate Members’ Meeting

1st Meeting of corporate members
21/06/2014 – 22/06/2014
Eretria – Negroponte Resort Eretria

In Eretria, on June 22, 2014, the first meeting of the DIAZOMA Association was held with its Corporate Members. The meeting was begun by Robert Arndt, scientific secretary of the Swiss Archaeological School in Greece, who for decades excavated the archaeological site of Eretria.

• Mr. Stavros Benos, stressed that the formation of social alliances is at the core of DIAZOMA. How the DIAZOMA program is based on two pillars: the documentation, and the Panorama of the ancient sites of viewing and listening, i.e. their recording and the scientific bulletins (standardization of information). He also spoke about the alternative financing of the monuments through three new gates (a) cities and regions, b) economic forces and c) “money boxes”, bank accounts for each theater where everyone can participate in the restoration of their favorite monument .
• Mr Stavros Benos referred to the program of cultural routes that DIAZOMA works in full synergy with- the Ministries of Development, Culture, Tourism, the regions of the country and all regional institutions, as well as with the European Union and the European Authorities.
• Mr Konstantinos  Boletis,  member of the Board of Directors of DIAZOMA, emphasized the multidimensional supply and allocation of private funds for the benefit of ancient theaters, which is a vindication of the concept of sponsorship.
• Professor Vassilios Lamprinoudakis presented the vision and the plan for the promotion of the sanctuary of Epidaurus, which is “the cradle of health and medicine which is one of the greatest offerings of the Greek spirit to the world’.
• The Vice-President of the DIAZOMA Association, Professor Petros Themelis, spoke about the management and operation of the “Excavation Program, Restoration of the Ancient Monuments and the formation of the Archaeological Site of Ancient Messini”, which started in 1986. According to Mr. Themelis, the public should have an experiential relationship with the monuments. In the European Union, investments are already encouraged, which have to do with the economy of happiness.
• The Treasurer of DIAZOMA, Mr. George Kouroupos, made his proposal for the promotion of Delphi as an International Center for Contemporary Creation through a contemporary version of music contests in the spirit of Pythia.
• The President of the FOURLIS Group presented the restoration of the Temple of Zeus in Nemea. This is a collaboration between the Ministry of Culture, the Berkeley University Archaeological School, and the non-profit association OFELTIS.
• Mrs. Betty Hatzinikolaou and Costas Konstantinidis spoke about the Cultural Route of Epirus. Mr. Konstantinidis referred to the digital experience that a traveler must have and concluded that digital technology must accompany the whole circle of digital cultural information.

  • The ancient theater in Eretria