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3rd Corporate Members’ Meeting

3rd Meeting of corporate members
“The fruits of the Synergies”
16/04/2016 – 18/04/2016
«Parga Beach Hotel» Parga – Cassope

A three-day experience was enjoyed by all those who attended the 3rd Meeting of “DIAZOMA”, which took place in Parga (Parga Beach Hotel) from 15-17 April 2016. Representatives were of Local and Regional Authorities, Committees of Antiquities and of the Ministry of Culture, corporations, productive institutions as well as the Foundations of our country, the educational community and the “DIAZOMA” foundation.
• With the central issue being “The fruits of the Synergies”, all institutions presented their actions for the promotion of the ancient monuments and their synergies, which place the monuments at the center of sustainability and sustainable development of the country.
• During the meeting, the “Cultural Route in the Ancient Theaters of Epirus” a program which is being implemented by all relevant organizations and which is funded by the NSRF 2014-2020, was also presented during the Meeting. The above mentioned program opens the way for the implementation of similar programs, which aim at meeting the monuments with sustainable development.
• The Meeting of “DIAZOMA” with its Corporate Members was completed on Sunday 17 April 2016 in the majestic archaeological site of Cassope. There the students of the 4th Gymnasium of Preveza, 1st Lyceum of Filippiada, Preveza Music School and 2nd Primary School of Kanalakiou, participated in the action of “DIAZOMA” and the Ministry of Culture and Education, on the subject: “Schools adopt. Society embraces”. They guided us and travelled us back in time to ancient Cassope.

The third  Corporate Members' meeting took place between April 16-18, 2016 in «Parga Beach Hotel» in Parga-Cassope.

  • The third Meeting of Corporate Members - «Parga Beach Hotel»
  • The ancient theater of Cassope
  • The archaeological site of Cassope, in the Preveza Peripheral Unit.
  • The ancient road..
  • The ancient theater
  • An event by the students in the ancient theater..