Athens International Airport – Eleftherios Venizelos

Athens International Airport S.A. (AIA) was established in 1996 as a Public-Private Partnership with a 30-year concession agreement. Ratified by Greek Law 2338/95, the concession agreement grants the right to use the airport site for the purpose of the “design, financing, construction, completion, commissioning, maintenance, operation, management and development of the airport”. AIA is a privately managed company, with the Greek State holding 55% of shares, while the private shareholders collectively hold 45%.
AIA is a pioneer international Public-Private Partnership, being the first major greenfield airport with the participation of the private sector. Thanks to its value-for-money services, Athens International Airport has earned numerous international awards and distinctions. Today, it forms a unique entrepreneurial entity of economic and social development in the Attica region. The airport community employs over 13,000 people and hosts approximately 300 companies, making it one of the largest employment engines in Greece. In fact, a relevant study by the Athens University of Economics and Business published in 2013, showed that AIA contributes to the national and local economy by 2.63% of the GDP.
Corporate annual subscription 10.000 €.