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4th Corporate Members’ Meeting

 4th Corporate Members’ Meeting
”Nature and Culture”
 Karpenisi, Evrytania, MONTANA Hotel
 21-23 of April 2017

The three day Meeting (Friday 21 to Sunday 23 April 2017) of the “DIAZOMA” Association and its Corporate Members successfully took place in beautiful Karpenisi, at the MONTANA Hotel.

The 4th Meeting of the “DIAZOMA” Association was attended by representatives of the Local and Regional Authorities, the Committees of Antiquities and the Ministry of Culture, the large enterprises, productive institutions and the Foundations of our country, the educational community and of the “DIAZOMA” Association, demonstrating in practice the power of Synergy for the promotion of the monuments.

The meeting was opened by the Regional Governor of Central Greece, Mr. Konstantinos Bakoyannis, the Mayor of Karpenisi, Mr. Nikos Souliotis and Mr. Stavros Benos, president of the “DIAZOMA” Association.

The main topic of this year’s meeting was “Nature and Culture”, focusing on the “Cultural Route to the Monuments of Nature and Culture of Central Greece”, which is jointly planned by the Region of Central Greece, the Ministry of Culture and “DIAZOMA”.

  • On Friday afternoon, Mrs. Efi Karantzali, Head of the Ephorate of Antiquities of Fthiotida and Evritania, Nancy Psalti, Head of the Ephorate of Antiquities of Fokidos, Pari Kalamara, Head of the Ephorate of Antiquities of Evia, Alexandra Harami, Head of the Ephorate of Antiquities of Viotia, Kastanioti Anthoula, representative of the National park management Authority of Otis and Lanara Theodora , representative of the National Park Management Authority of Parnassos presented the panorama of monuments of nature and culture of Central Greece.
  • Following, Mrs. Fani Lambrou, Director of Public Relations & Marketing of “NEA ODOS” Company, Andreas Fatouros, co-founder of Clio Muse and Dr. Evi Papadopoulou, Archaeologist presented the digital panorama of the monuments located along the Nea Odos road. The panorama was funded by Mrs Papadopoulou. The relevant application, which is available free of charge through smart mobile phones, was designed by Clio Muse.
  • On Saturday morning, speakers, Mr Dais Panagiotis, Head Of the Ministry of Culture,Mr Lemas Kostas, Head of the Managing Authority of Central Greece, Mr Mastrandonis Panagiotis, Chairman of the Board of Directors of STAVION, Mrs Betty Hatzinikolaou, Legal and Expert in Tourism, Mr Yiannis Zirinis, Electrical Engineer / Engineer – Expert on Development and European Resources and Politis George, Secretary General of the Hellenic Society for the Protection of Nature presented the successive steps for the construction of the program of the cultural route of Central Greece. The baton was handed over by Mr. Ioannou Stratos, Deputy Regional Chief of Preveza, who spoke about the pilot program of the Cultural Route of the ancient theaters of Epirus.
  • Interventions were also made by Mr. Antonakopoulos Leonidas, Head of the Office of the European Parliament in Greece, Diacomanoli Clementini, representative of the European Commission, Loukas Iperifanos, Mayor of Orchomenos Viotia, Stavroula Kakaounaki, Vice President of the Industries Association Central Greece, Theodoros Fessas, SEV President, Yannis Retsos, First Vice President of SETE And Tsitsoni Thekla, President of the Parnassus National Forest Management Agency.
  • Saturday afternoon was dedicated to the Members of the Association, who support the work of DIAZOMA on the promotion of ancient theaters and the meeting of monuments with the real economy and sustainability. During this meeting, owners and representatives of firms, Foundations and Associations, and Mr. Evdokimos Fregoglou, Manager of the Multimedia Applications of DIAZOMA presented the actions they are implementing in collaboration with the “DIAZOMA” Association, aiming at the promotion of the monuments of nature and Culture of our country. To be more precise:  Mrs. Sepeta – Theochari Eleni, General Manager of VIKOS SA presented the actions of VIKOS SA to promote the monuments of Epirus, Mr. Konstantinidis Costas, Managing Director of PostScriptum, presented the study “DIGITAL STRATEGY FOR CULTURE”, which he developed through the funding of COSMOTE,  Mr. Skikalakis Theodoro, economist at TOPOS Consulting Ltd presented the “LOCAL DEVELOPMENT PACT” of the Route of Epirus which was funded by NEA ODOS SA, Mrs. Ariana Kourtali, Corporate Banking Development Director-Business Banking, spoke about the Crowd funding program for the ancient theater of Cassope,Mr. Kappas Xenophon, General Manager of the Captain Vasilis Foundation, presented the actions of the Foundation for the promotion of the monuments of Messinia,
  • Dr. Belogianni Mary, Archeologist and chairman of the Audit Committee of the DIAZOMA Association and Socrates Mehteridis, programmer, presented the educational activities of the schools, the “DIAZOMA” Association and the Ministries of Culture and Education, as well as the platform of educational programs that will implemented by the ” DIAZOMA “and financed by Alpha Bank.
  •  Mrs. Eva Markatou, a young archaeologist, presented her postgraduate work for the archaeological park of Orchomenos, Viotia.

Photographic material from the meeting can be viewed on flickr, here.

  • The president of Diazoma Stavros Benos and Kostas Bakoyiannis, the Regional Governor of Central Greece.
  • The family..Diazoma's Corporate Members
  • Alexandra Charami, Deputy Head of Ephorate of Antiquities of Boeotia Department - Hellenic Ministry of Culture & Sports
  • Evdokimos Fregoglou is presenting corporate members' highquality projects with Diazoma
  • P. Mastrantonis' excellent presentation about the Cultural Route in Central Greece
  • Efstratios Ioannou, Deputy Regional Governor of Regional Division of Preveza
  • The "Captain Vassilis and Carmen Konstantakopoulos" Foundation's presentation, by mr K. Kappas
  • Epirotic Bottling Industry S.A. (VIKOS S.A.). Corporate actions with Diazoma..Mrs H. Theochari-Sepeta
  • Mrs F.Lamprou (Nea Odos)
  • the view..
  • Eva Markatou, archaeologist, presented her research on Public Archaeology ; ‘’The development of the archaeological park of Orchomenos in Boeotia, Greece: An investigation into decision-makers’ views and the local community’s opinion and expectations’’ (Leiden Uni.)
  • The ancient theater of Orchomenos
  • Mrs Charami - ancient theater of Orchomenos