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2nd Corporate Members’ Meeting

2nd Meeting of corporate members
18/04/2015 – 19/04/2015

Twenty Corporate Members of the DIAZOMA Association -of which four banks and sixteen companies; participated in the meeting held on premises of the «COSTA NAVARINO» hotel in Messene. Amongst the attendants, were also university professors, mayors, business representatives and institution representatives, banks, the Onassis Foundation, the Stavros Niarchos Foundation, NEON, Bodossaki Foundation, companies like Vikos, Titan, Zara, McCain, Group Mytilineos, ELPEN, Olympia Odos, Interamerican, AB Vassilopoulos and others, who made proposals on the major issues of social and corporate responsibility. They were challenged to answer ‘How the business world can be involved in major projects and how synergies can be built’.
• They announced that two projects were included in the Regional Operational Program (ROP) of Epirus and by extension to NSRF 2014-2020. First, the maintenance, rehabilitation, and promotion of the Theater and other monuments of the Dodoni sanctuary (budget 960.000 Euros). Second, the restoration and promotion works of the Ancient Theater of Gitana (budget 1,200,000 Euros).

• Professor Vassilis Lamprinoudakis, in an impressive speech, separated the public from the private sector and gave a description of the ideal citizen. “He who considers his duty, besides the use and the experience of the public riches, has the obligation to contribute according to his capabilities, individually or collectively, for the protection and promotion of these riches”.

• Petros Themelis, talked about the new relationship of public and monuments and their emancipation from the exclusive dependence of state grant committees.

• An event was prepared and presented by the Kalamata Musical School at the Odeion – Ecclesiasterion of Ancient Messene (Program “Adoption of Ancient Theaters, Students Guide Students”).

The second Corporate Members' meeting took place, in the beautiful region of Messinia, at "Costa Navarino" hotel on 18th and 19th of April 2015.

  • the meeting held on premises of the «COSTA NAVARINO» hotel in Messene
  • The president of Diazoma Stavros Benos among special participants.
  • the Ancient Theater of Messene
  • The event at the Odeion - Ecclesiasterion of Ancient Messene

Photographs taken during the event are available on our Facebook page.