Vassilis Lambrinoudakis

Professor emer. of Classical Archaeology at the University of Athens. Correspondent member of the Académie des Inscriptions et Belles-Lettres, Paris, and the Oesterreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften, Vienna. Member of theAcademia Europea. Member of the German and the Austrian Archaeological Institutes. Member of the Society of Diazoma for the conservation of ancient theatrical constructions. He has been member of the Central Archaeological Council of Greece (1981-2005), member of the Board of the Archaeological Society in Athens (1980-2002), chairman of the Fund for Major Archaeological Projects (1998-2007), of the Board of the National Library of Greece (2000-2002) and of the Greek Foundation for Culture (2008-2012). He is member of the Council and the Scientific and Editorial Committees of the Foundation for the Lexicon Iconographicum Mythologiae Classicae since 1980 and has been its president for ten years (1995-2006), when the publication of the Thesaurus Cultus et Rituum Antiquorum was launched and partly realized.

He conducted excavations in Epidauros, in the islands of Naxos and Chios, in Attica (Marathon) and Acarnania (Palaiomanina). He directs works of restoration and presentation in the Epidaurian sanctuaries of Apollon Maleatas and Asklepios, as well as in the ancient city of Naxos and in the sanctuaries of Dionysos in Yria and of Demeter in Sangri in the same island. He won the first price of Europa Nostra for the excavation and the enhancement of the archaeological sites in Naxos (2003).

He published 12 books and 155 papers on ancient Greek art and architecture, on Greek inscriptions, on the topography of ancient Greece, on ancient Greek religion and cults, on archaeological theory and on the conservation and presentation of archaeological sites.

He was honored by the President of the Hellenic Republic with the order of the Commander of the Phoenix for his contribution to Greek Archaeology in Greece and abroad (2003).