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The vision of Professor Vassilis Lambrinoudakis for the Asclepieion of Epidaurus


The association “Diazoma” implements step by step the vision of Mr. Vassilis Lambrinoudakis for the Asclepieion of Epidaurus. His vision was first expressed during his lecture “Asclepieion of Epidaurus: a timeless journey to health”, which took place at the Concert Hall of Athens on 02 April 2014.

In the meanwhile several meetings took place in “Diazoma”, in which participated Mr Stavros Benos (president of “DIAZOMA”), Vassilis Lambrinoudakis (Professor of Classical Archaeology, general secretary of “DIAZOMA” and president of the Scientific Commission for the Conservation of Epidaurus’ Monuments), Betty Chatzinikolaou (expert on Tourism), John Zirinis (advisor in the Ministry of Development), Evangelos Kazolias (civil engineer and project manager at Epidaurus), Takis Mastrantonis (President of the Company “STADION”), Maria Sofikitou (archaeologist in “DIAZOMA” association) and Maria Micha (lawyer and member of DIazoma).

The aim of the meetings was the establishment of a committee that will be responsible for the implementation of the program and for the preparation of a sponsorship file describing the program itself, its phases, its objectives and its budget.

One of the primary goals of the committee was the cooperation with the Medical School of the University of Athens as far as the implementation of the program is concerned, which resulted in the creation of a second committee, whose members come from the Medical School. This committee will also participate in the organization of the integrated program for the enhancement of the sanctuary of Asclepius at Epidaurus.

Lately a text was written by Mr. Vassilis Lambrinoudakis and Takis Mastrantonis, entitled “INTEGRATED PROGRAM FOR THE ENHANCEMENT OF THE SANCTUARY OF ASCLEPIUS AT EPIDAURUS, A GLOBAL JOURNEY FROM MAGIC TO REAL MEDICINE – SANCTURAY OF ASCLEPIUS AT EPIDAURUS: THE GREATEST INFIRMARY OF THE ANCIENT WORLD “. In this text there are also described all the studies, whose implementation is also required for the completion of the program.

The cost of their assignment is 200,000 euros. After the completion of these studies, we will try to integrate their implementation in the 5th Programming Period (Partnership Agreement 2014-2020).

Afterwards, the above mentioned text, as well as an accompanying letter subscribed by Mr. Stavros Benos, were both submitted to the Leventis Foundation as a sponsorship proposal. More specifically DIAZOMA requested from the Foundation the disposal of 100.000 euro. Diazoma’s proposal will be discussed in the annual Council of Commissioners of the Leventis Foundation, which will take place in December 2014.
Finally Diazoma will assign all the required studies. Their cost will be covered by money gathered in the “money box”, which will be created specially for the needs of this program.

Integrated program for the enhancement of the sanctuary of Asclepius at Epidaurus (PDF).