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Diazoma Unveils New Plans to Promote Epidaurus Theater

Diazoma, the group for the protection of ancient theaters, presented its developmental plans for Epidaurus, the well-preserved ancient theater in the Peloponnese famed for its acoustics. The general assembly that ran from September 16-18 was attended by members of Diazoma group, made up of tourist representatives, politicians, businessmen, archaeologists and citizens interested in the cultural preservation of the theater.

Plans to enhance the site are budgeted at 5,650,000 euros and include funds from the National Strategic Reference Framework for 2014-2020. The goal is to showcase the importance of Epidaurus as a medical center for the entire ancient Mediterranean world. The sanctuary of Asclepius at Epidaurus was viewed by ancient Greeks as a spiritual place as the mental, physical and cultural sides of people were seen as being interlinked.

Archaeologist Vasilis Lambrinoudakis highlighted the amazing story of the development of medicine as showcased in the ruins that survived. A new showroom with findings to manifest the area’s link to medicine will be created to promote Epidaurus. An Asclepia network will be created to link the Asclepius of Epidaurus with that of Pergamom – originally founded by the Asclepius of Epidaurus – as well as the Asclepius of Athens and Rome. The international network will give rise to conferences relevant to medicine as well as theater events.

By Mary Harris

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