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WILDFLOWERS OF THE NEW FOREST “Supporting Northern Evia”, supporting “Everything for the Children”

Children can change the world.

That is why the project for the reconstruction of fire-devastated Northern Evia prioritises educating and raising children’s awareness.

The educational programme “Supporting Northern Evia” was designed to this end, following the proposal of the Committee for the Reconstruction of Northern Evia and in collaboration with the Regional Directorate of Education of Central Greece and the Institute of Educational Policy. The programme is addressed to Primary and Secondary education students throughout the country as well as Greek-language schools abroad, with the triple aim of:

  • Raising Awareness

Raising children’s awareness of forest fire prevention and the impact of forest fires on the natural environment, society, and the economy.

  • Educating

Developing skills and knowledge regarding the natural and anthropogenic environment.

  • Taking action

Encouraging children to actively participate in and undertake actions so that they get to know the natural and cultural heritage of their homeland, showcase it, and protect it.

However, “Supporting Northern Evia” needs support if it is to implement and realise everything the children imagine, dream of and seek. To this end, the “Everything for the Children” action was designed to fund the needs of the educational programme through the WILDFLOWERS crowdfunding initiative.

For example, if a class from a school in another area wishes to visit Northern Evia, “Everything for the Children” would fund its transportation, if needed.

The reconstruction of Northern Evia rests on the children and all of us—a small donation on everyone’s part can make dreams come true.

If you wish to support “Everything for the Children”, please visit https://dorees.diazoma.gr