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The DIAZOMA Association awards contract for the preparation of a traffic study for “The Attica Trilogy.”

On 26 May 2021, following the relevant approval of the DIAZOMA Board of Directors, the president of the association, Mr. Stavros Benos, signed the contract awarding the preparation of the “Transportation Study for ‘The Attica Trilogy’ Cultural Route.”   The study was awarded to the “G. Nellas and Co. Limited Partnership” (company name), doing business as “AVARIS,” whose main scope is the “Preparation of transportation studies.” Its headquarters are in Marousi, Attica.

The purpose of the study is to support the work of DIAZOMA in preparing the “Lavrion-Athens-Eleusis” (The Attica Trilogy) Cultural Route for incorporation in the NSRF 2020-2021, specifically the new “ATTIKI (Attica) 2021-2027” Operational Programme, via the use of the Integrated Territorial Investment financing tool.

More specifically, the physical object of the transportation study includes the following sub-sections: a) Interconnection of the Cultural Route poles of Eleusis and Lavrion with the central cultural nucleus of Athens and Piraeus, and b) serving the access and transportation needs within the cities of and in the wider areas of Eleusis and Lavrion.

The duration of the contract is seven months, effective from the date of signature, and the fee for all services is 20,000 euros (VAT excluded).

The cost of awarding the study will be financed with funds from the $100,000 donation granted to the DIAZOMA Association by the J.M. Kaplan Foundation.

It should be noted that in the context of supporting the Region of Attica in constructing and implementing this visionary project, the DIAZOMA Association has already commissioned the following studies which are currently underway: a) the preparation of strategic planning (masterplan) for the project (May 2021- PLAN Limited Partnership), b) a digital strategy study as a guide for the use of information and communication technologies in the project (January 2021- Ch. Chiotis), as well as, c) a strategic marketing planning study for the tourism promotion of “The Attica Trilogy” (February 2021- Marketing Greece). Moreover, a contract has been awarded for the technical support of the project.

Therefore, a wide range of synergies is currently underway, and DIAZOMA is pleased to note that, step by step, this ambitious development project for the Region of Attica is becoming a reality.