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Teleconference for “The Wildflowers of Northern Evia.” – Diazoma’s new crowdfunding initiative

Extensive teleconference for “The Wildflowers of Northern Evia.

Crowdfunding promotion

On Tuesday, July 12, 2022, an extensive working meeting was held via teleconference on the promotion of “The Wildflowers of Northern Evia” crowdfunding initiative. The meeting was initiated by Mr Stavros Benos, President of the “DIAZOMA” Association and Head of the Reconstruction of Northern Evia Programme.

The Reconstruction of Northern Evia Programme – Evia Meta is based on two main, monumental pillars: the New Forest and the new Chalkida-Istiaia roadway. As part of the programme, the design of the Light Givers (“Beacon”) projects is underway. These are actions and projects being implemented in collaboration with Ministries and other bodies, with the aim of highlighting all aspects of the holistic programme being set up in Northern Evia and illuminating the future of the region.

The “Wildflowers of Northern Evia” complete this picture with seven additional actions on education, culture, tourism, energy production, agri-food, and communication. They will directly and visibly strengthen the overall project by raising funds through crowdfunding (See here).

The teleconference for the above Programme was attended by representatives of the institutions and the local community. An extensive presentation of the communication strategy and promotion for the Programme and the creative material accompanying it (posters, brochures) was made by the founder of Sales Promotion, Mr Nikos Imirziadis and his associate, Ms Eleftheria Ioannidou.   Sales Promotion Center S.A. is a Corporate Member of DIAZOMA and has undertaken the design and promotion of this communication campaign.

Mr Yiannis Georgiou, Editor-in-Chief at the Athens News Agency- Macedonian Press Agency (ANA-MPA), presented the new microsite on the ANA-MPA website, which has been focusing on the promotion of the Reconstruction of Northern Evia Programme since last August (See here).

The participants made further contributions, and a special committee was appointed to coordinate the Programme, with Ms Maria Kourasani (DIAZOMA Association) as coordinator, Ms Maria Karapa as local media press officer, and Mr Stratos Aslanis as representative of the business community. The Region of Central Greece, as well as the Municipalities of Mantoudi – Limni – Agia Anna and Istiaia – Aidipsos, will also be appointing their representatives.

The teleconference was attended by Mr Ilias Bourmas (Deputy Governor of Tourism and Culture), Ms Katia Dede (associate of the Deputy Governor of Evia, Mr G. Kelaiditis), Ms Mina Kyriakou (General Secretary of the Municipality of Mantoudi – Limni – Agia Anna), Ms Maria Karapa (journalist), Mr Yiannis Georgiou (Editor-in-Chief – Head of Marketing Department, ANA-MPA), Ms Ioanna Kardara (ANA reporter), the founder of Sales Promotion Center S.A., Mr Nikos Imirziadis,  and his associates Ms Eleftheria Ioannidou and Ms Eugenia Fanou, Mr Yiannis Zirinis ( Deputy Head of the Committee for the Reconstruction of Northern Evia), Mr Stratos Aslanis (Director of Internal Relations at the Hoteliers Association of Evia Board of Directors and chairman of the Northern Evia Cluster), Mr Giorgos Maroudis (Chairman of the Rovies Trade Association), Mr Thanos Dermatakis (Owner of Camping Rovies), Mr Thodoris Roumeliotis (owner of the Leto hotel), and executives and partners of the DIAZOMA Association.

For the promotion of the Programme, a sponsored video has been created by director and DIAZOMA member Mr Vangelis Efthymiou (Landart Productions). Video link; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sk7qzYS4SZM (in Greek)

To participate in this collective effort, please visit the crowdfunding website: