Reconstruction Plan for Northern Evia

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After the disaster, Northern Evia regains hope and new prospects through a HOLISTIC and PEOPLE-CENTERED reconstruction plan. Utilizing the effective tools of INTEGRATED TERRITORIAL INVESTMENTS (ITI), which dominate the NSRF 2021-2027, and the DIAZOMA Association’s Intellectual, Scientific, Experiential and Operational wealth of expertise, Northern Evia is now beginning to build an environmentally and economically viable,  better future.

Northern Evia has a natural environment of exceptional quality, which suffered significant damage during the wildfires of August 2021. This disaster negatively impacted the region’s identity as a residential network and a soft tourism destination integrated into a highly aesthetic natural landscape. It also dramatically limited the part of the local production system that depended on the forest (timber, resin, apiaries) or the adjacent crops and groves which were destroyed in the fires.

Northern Evia needs a development plan which will open up new prospects after the disaster and bring hope that an environmentally and economically sustainable and better future is possible for the region.

A development plan that will be based on the main axes of the European strategy (smart, green, place-based) for a mild development that will utilize all modern technologies, promote social cohesion, and rely on territoriality and local participation regarding planning and implementing actions.

A HOLISTIC and PEOPLE-CENTRED reconstruction plan DRIVEN BY the important tools of INTEGRATED TERRITORIAL INVESTMENTS (ITI), which dominate the NSRF 2021-2027, and which will utilize the DIAZOMA Association’s Intellectual – Scientific – Experiential and Operational wealth of expertise that has already paved the way for Holistic Programs and Projects in Greece, such as Cultural Routes.

TOGETHER we will plan, TOGETHER we will move forward, TOGETHER we will heal the wounds of the devastating wildfires while weaving a new tapestry for the future that will encompass EVERYTHING that is authentically depicted in the table below.

The President of the DIAZOMA Association, Mr. Stavros Benos, Head of the Special Committee for the Reconstruction of Northern Evia, and the people of DIAZOMA are happy to offer their experiential and intellectual know-how to the reconstruction of Northern Evia, a region so wounded by the wildfires of the summer of 2021.

This section will provide updates on the progress of the Reconstruction Plan for Northern Evia.

The “Light Givers” of the “Reconstruction Program of North Evia – Evia Meta” are projects and events implemented in collaboration with Ministries and Institutions, highlighting all aspects of the holistic program in North Evia and illuminating the future of the region.


Reconstruction Plan Timeline


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