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Our Route: Four Ports of Call

1.Our starting point: Ancient theatres.
A great social alliance (Cities, Regions, the archaeological community, artists, sponsors, citizens) aiding the herculean effort of the Ministry of Culture and its personnel to protect and promote our country’s monuments. An ode to synergies and their excellent results. (video)

2.A single aim: to bring monuments to the centre of everyday life and viable and sustainable development. A spiritual journey from infrastructure to new cultural tourism products: Cultural Routes and Archaeological Parks. (please, click here)

3.A new DIAZOMA facility: D-HUB, staffed by talented and motivated young people with a single mission: to provide scientific and business assistance to two new innovative entrepreneurship institutions:

  • Local Quality Pacts (cluster)
  • Destination Management Offices (DMO)


4.The DIAZOMA Association. A large family whose members are both natural persons and businesses, corporate members. A new sponsorship institution takes its first impressive steps with remarkable results. (please click, here)

With a constant flow of information, we would like to share every moment, every thought and every action with you.


As of tomorrow, our Narrations begin, four units each with a corresponding protagonist-narrator:

  1. Ancient Theatres, Maria Sofikitou, Μaria Kourasani
  2. Cultural Routes, Maria Sofikitou, Maria Kourasani
  3. D-HUB, Evdokimos Fregoglou
  4. Corporate Members, Katerina Avramopoulou


An ongoing journey, with all of you as travelling companions.
Come aboard our digital ship and set sail with us… from home!
Because we must always remember: DIAZOMA FRIENDS & MEMBERS STAY HOME.