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The impressive dynamics of the “Cultural route of the ancient theaters of Epirus” project

Epirus is buzzing with activity on the eve of the launch event that the region of Epirus and the association DIAZOMA organize for the official presentation of the cultural route of the ancient theaters of Epirus to the public (1-3 November 2018 ).

One of the major objectives of the cultural itinerary being the revival and strengthening of the local economy and in particular the tourism and agri-food sectors of the region, a pact of support and development around the Epirus itinerary has been created. In this context, the Chamber of Commerce of Thesprotia and IPIROS SA (organ responsible for the operation of the cultural route) organize a seminar on 19 September 2018 at 19:00 at the conference center of the Thesprotia Chamber of Commerce to inform and invite companies to participate in this local pact.

Also, the regional governor of Epirus, Alexander Kachrimanis, recently sent a call for proposals for the operational program “EPIRUS” (section of Implementation of transport infrastructure as part of the approved strategy for integrated space investment “Cultural Route of Ancient Theaters of Epirus”) in order to provide transport infrastructure serving the archaeological sites of Dodona, Nicopolis, Kassopi, Amvrakia and Gitana. The above action is aimed at upgrading the conditions of transport and circulation in the region as well as improving access to these archaeological sites. The program budget amounts to 11,860,780.00 euros.

Among other things, the signs leading to the main archaeological sites of the cultural route and bearing the logo of the route have already been installed on the roads. So visitors will be able to reach the monuments more easily.

DIAZOMA contributes to the organization of the launch event, thanks to the generous sponsorship of the Pavlos & Alexandra Kanellopoulou Foundation and NEW ROAD SA, which are corporate members of the association, assigning projects related to the promotion of the program, such as the production and printing of information material (publications, brochures), the production of a mini-documentary intended to present the philosophy of the program to the public, the creation of the itinerary website, the promotion of the launch event via social networks as well as the design and preparation of the audio-visual infrastructure of the venue where the launch event will take place as well as  relative information and promotional material .

In addition, with regard to archaeological infrastructure projects, DIAZOMA is committed to contributing, with the sponsorship of the Pavlos & Alexandra Kanellopoulou Foundation, to the study project for the west retaining wall of the Roman theatre of Nicopolis and the completion of studies for the construction of the access area to ​​the Nicopolis archaeological site (assignment of a topographical and geotechnical study).

The cultural route of the ancient theatres of Epirus is the first holistic “product” of cultural tourism in the world but it is at the same time the irrefutable proof of the dynamics and the effectiveness of the synergies in our country.

The website can be found at the following address: ancient theaters of epirus