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Archaeological Park of Orchomenus in Boetia: Archaeological Park Second Phase Detailed Design Study is Underway

The implementation of the “Archaeological Park of Orchomenus in Boetia” programme is well underway. On January 5, 2021, the Municipality of Orchomenus awarded the “Detailed Design Study for the Second Phase of the Archaeological Park of Orchomenus” contract to surveyor-engineer Ms. Konstantina Papaspyropoulou.

The object of the study is to:

  1. a) update the cadastral recordings (Phase A)
  2. b) apply property and urban planning lines (Phase B)
  3. c) draw up ownership percentages charts and tables (Phase C)

The study will be completed within six (6) months, and the technical service of the Municipality of Orchomenus is responsible for its administration and monitoring.

Its completion will pave the way for the final arrangement of ownership matters and prepare the ground for the works that will link the monument to the city.

The Archaeological Park of Orchomenus comprises a rare ensemble of monuments of immeasurable cultural value: the tholos tomb of Minyas, also known as the “Treasury of Minyas” (1250 BC), the third-century theatre of Orchomenus, and the transitional type, cross-domed Church of the Panagia Skripou, a rare Byzantine monument of the ninth century. DIAZOMA has contributed to the programme’s implementation by commissioning studies and utilizing the great potential of the ancient theatre’s piggy bank. This unique archaeological park is also one of the poles of attraction of the “OEDIPUS” Cultural Route of Central Greece.

You can visit the programme’s site here.


3D Depiction of the Archaeological Park of Orchomenus in Boetia