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Komotini: “Crossing Egnatia” with the “Diazoma” Association

On the 9th of September, 500 members and friends of “Diazoma” will participate in the General Assembly of the Association at the ancient theatre of Maroneia and Komotini.

A few days before visiting the region, Mr. Stavros Benos, president of the Diazoma Association, and member of a large mission consisting of more than 500 members and friends of the Association states on ERT Komotini, “It is nice to offer your services to your country as a simple volunteer. Everyone must feel that they are a small state. That the state is within us, and we can broaden it by making it more qualitative and by defending it”.

500 friends from around the area visit the Eastern Macedonia and Thrace Region
As of next Thursday, our friends will be in the Region of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace. They will participate in the General Assembly of the Association, which will be hosted at the ancient theatre of Maroneia and Komotini on the 9th of September (on September 7 the mission will visit Samothraki). Meanwhile, the members of the mission will have the opportunity to visit the monuments of the cultural route of ancient Egnatia. “It is very moving how many people want to get acquainted with the Periphery of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace and the monuments of the region”, says the head of this great mission, while adding, that they feel great emotion for this part of the homeland, but also, for the generosity of the local electors. Kavala, Thassos, Philippi, Xanthi, Komotini, Alexandroupolis and Samothraki are the stations of the five-day trip.

“The Periphery of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace has the most beautiful, the most attractive, and the most “dense” program of cultural events nationwide, for the promotion and protection of the monuments. This concerns “Via Egnatia”, which has a budget of 55 million Euros, “states Mr. Benos. The president also mentioned the essential role that was played by the late regional governor George Pavlidis and the excellent cooperation with the current regional governor Christos Metios.

Crossing Egnatia
The “Crossing Egnatia” program of the Diazoma Association includes the unification of the archaeological sites and monuments of the Egnatia Motorway. The trails of the Egnatia Motorway and its historic route within its 2500 years of existence constitute a great challenge for creating a modern touring route. A route linking the archaeological sites of the Region: prehistoric, classical antiquity, Roman period, Byzantine and Ottoman domination and, of modern history. The great gods of Samothraki, the tomb of the little Doxipara – Zone, Avdira, Maroneia, Philippi, Thasos, the Roman cities of Maximianoupolis, Traianoupolis and Plotinoupoli, the Byzantine and Ottoman capital of Didimoteicho, the Byzantine Virgin Mary of Kosmosoteira in Feres, the Ottoman shrines in Didimoteicho (Vagiatzit), Komotini and Xanthi, the Castle and the Aqueduct of Kavala, the old cities of Soufli, of Xanthi and Kavala, the tomb of Amphipolis will be of great motivation, for attracting visitors through the Egnatia route but also a further important argument for the implementation of the proposal.

A huge tourist product along the Egnatia Motorway
“This acquaintance”, will be achieved through the remains of the ancient Egnatia Odos, the most famous road of antiquity,” states the president of the Association adding that they are aiming at creating a huge tourist product for the reformation of the region’s economy. “Make the monuments our protagonists. We will connect them to everyday life and to the tourist economy. We will present a study on a Quality Pact. A system of rules and specifications that each productive entity in the region can be a part of the route”, the president of the Association explains and further adds “For example, farmers, accommodation, the great gastronomy of the area will be part of this chain. Five characteristic products have been selected for their promotion from five Prefectures. These are products from start-up companies that have at their core, revival, and innovation. Old cultivations, old recipes will see the light. We will create a very large “open shelf” for the producers. We will be a big “department store”. The visitor will not only see the monuments. He will have a complete experiential experience”. The course for the implementation of the Integrated Spatial Investment project of Via Egnatia is already in progress with its completion being placed in 2023.

Digital tour of the historic center of Komotini
“We want Thraki to digitally travel around the world,” declares Mr. Benos, and reveals for the first time that a digital application is being prepared through mobile phones. This will make it possible to explore the historic center of Komotini. “This tour will be made through each visitor’s mobile phone. When visitors come to the area, they will not need a tour guide they will have their mobile phones and will be able to become acquainted with the city. ”
Institution of corporate members and synergies

Mr. Benos insists on the functioning of the Members’ Institution. Not accidentally! “Thirty-five major corporations are involved in our lives and our programs. Whatever we will do, will be for free, with synergies”. Mr. Benos explains and stresses that “The biggest wound in our country is that no one co-operates with his neighbor. We will all be together. Municipality Region, citizens, archaeologists, hoteliers etc. We will all work together”.
Quality Label for the participants

Those who will participate in the program will also obtain the Quality Label. This will be a qualitative indicator that the person who will be testing a product will be testing it safely.

Published in ert.gr, and translated by DIAZOMA.