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Crete’s Archaeological Site of Aptera (photos) – the theatre

The archaeological site of Aptera; located on the top of a flat hilltop overlooking the natural bay of Souda, less than 10 kilometers from the city of Chania, in Crete, offers a unique view of the sea and a rich history.

The location already appears in Linear B inscriptions which date back to 1450 BC approximately, proving that the site might have been occupied from as early as those times and until 1964 when the monastery in Aptera was finally abandoned. Aptera remained one of Crete’s most important cities from the V century BC up until early Christian times.

The Theatre

Venturing further inside the site, it is possible to admire the remains of an ancient theatre, which still preserves its unique acoustics and many rows of seats in a semicircle arrangement.

The theatre of the ancient city opened to the public after the excavation works were completed and partially restored in 2016. Some shade can be found there, due to the magnificent olive groves that surround the theatre.

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Crete’s Archaeological Site of Aptera (photos) – greekreporter