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The volunteer project “Embracing Our Monuments in Sparta”

The volunteer project “Embracing Our Monuments in Sparta” is taking place in Sparta, Greece, from the 15th of June to the 15th of July, 2018.

The team states “we are a group of Yale University student volunteers with diverse backgrounds and interests, including Greeks, Greek-Americans, and scholars of Greek Art and Archaeology.

Our main goals are:

  • increasing awareness of the unique monuments and artifacts of Sparta for residents and visitors of Sparta alike;
  • the inclusion of cultural heritage into the daily life of the city of Sparta.

We are committed, first, to connecting Sparta’s rich past to present and future generations, but also to forging new bonds between the current citizens of Sparta and those of the Spartan and Greek diaspora through the common history Sparta’s past provides.

Our cultural walks and events are possible thanks to the generous funding and support of the Yale Department of Classics and Yale Hellenic Studies Program, as well as through the donations of prominent members of the Greek-American community.

The cultural events are supported by the Ministry of Culture and the Archaeological Service of Laconia, the Municipality of Sparta, GITIADAS “Friends of the Ancient Theatre of Sparta,” the Friends of the Archaeological Museum of Sparta, the Museum of Modern Sparta, the Manousakeio Museum, the Public Library of Sparta, and the Museum of Greek Olive and Olive Oil. Special thanks must be given to DIAZOMA for their active involvement in the planning stages of the program.

It would be an honor to welcome you as guests at our events, which are free and open to the public. More information and contact information can be found on our Facebook page: facebook.com/EmbracingOurMonumentsInSparta».

Daphne Martin, who is of Spartan descent and studying Classics and History of Art at Yale University (USA), had the initial project idea and is leading the initiative as program director.