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Towards the completion of the Digital Strategy for Culture

In the evening of September 17th 2016, in the small theater of Ancient Epidaurus, under the 9th General Assembly of the Association “DIAZOMA”, presented the 1st Report of the Digital Strategy for Culture, which PostScriptum implements on behalf of the Association and financed by Cosmote.

The study aims to indicate digital tools and ICT infrastructure to improve the management, promotion and development of our cultural heritage, taking into account both the requirements of the Digital Single Market (DIgital Single Market) and the institutional and regulatory landscape governing cultural policy in our country to our monuments to come closer to society and the economy and to contribute to economic growth and to the development of the country’s cognitive capital.

In collaboration with innovation experts of the sectors of cultural management, digital technology, tourism, financial tools and policy-making and in consultation with stakeholders such as the Ministry of Culture, ICOM, APR, EOT, SETE, FOSS, HAMAC, Universities, Research Centers and Local Authorities, the following works have been completed:

  • recording key trends that prevail at the moment in the European Digital Policy area
  • recording the broader digital environment in Culture at global and European level and to level of principles and best practices
  • surveying existing institutional / legal framework
  • evaluation / assessment of past efforts implementing digital activities in Culture
  • charting policies and related funding opportunities in the current programming period, in relation to the Information and Communication Technologies

While in progress are:

  • developing / formulating digital strategy
  • the roadmap for implementing and
  • application in emblematic actions -in particular horizontally and vertically monumental ensembles such as the “Cultural Route of the Ancient Theatre of Epirus” and “Epidaurus Environmental Park”.

Big Data, Datacentric approach, using large Platforms in systems and data management, Economy of Sharing and Collaborative Economy, Open Technologies and Protection of the Commons, the Internet of Things, linking the physical to digital, Front eGovernment, Open Digital Science and finally digital Technologies for scientific documentation, geospatial reference and correlation, digital interpretation and promotion, management of digital channels and community and the electronic transaction and cognitive management and intellectual capital are the reference ranges for the formulation of the digital Strategy for Culture .

The Digital Strategy will link the monument to the man and society and will make it a source of wealth.


Source; http://www.postscriptum.gr