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Seminars aimed at developing the business cluster linked to the Cultural Route of Epirus Ancient Theaters


On September 24 and 25, 2020, a series of informative seminars concerning the certification of the first companies of the business network (cluster) of the “Cultural Route of Epirus Ancient Theaters” program was held in Epirus.

The seminars were organized by the Region of Epirus and EPIRUS SA, the Cultural Route Management Agency (DMO), and took place in the regional districts of Epirus, in accordance with the health regulations in force regarding the protection against COVID-19. At the end of the seminars, participants were presented with a “certificate of participation” in the route cluster.

The D_HUB structure of DIAZOMA, which supports the bodies that operate the cultural routes and archaeological parks of the country and contributes to the work of the competent services to ensure their proper functioning and sustainability, was also participating. D_HUB particularly supports the development of the Business Cluster and the Destination Management / Marketing Organization (DMO).

The D_HUB working group participating in the seminars was made up of Evdokimos Fregoglou, program manager of the DIAZOMA association, Nikos Stakias, consultant in development and management of destinations and Elias Hantzos, consultant in sustainable development at DIAZOMA.

  1. Freroglou, head of D_HUB, spoke about the role of the incubator in supporting the Cultural Routes programs, Nikos Stakias presented the digital tools to support the Cluster and the DMO of the route and Elias Hantzos spoke about digital marketing /branding in the field of tourism and business development opportunities through online promotion.

D_HUB incubator is DIAZOMA’s most innovative and recent initiative. It was created in 2020 and was the central theme of the 13th General Assembly of  DIAZOMA Association.


  Below are photos of the seminars: