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Second Scientific Meeting of the Ancient Theatres Network Team – March 2019

During the meeting held at the offices of the Diazoma Association in Athens (30th March, 2019),  the Ancient Theatres Network  team focused on the scientific bulletin’s card processing .

The first part of the meeting was dedicated to the card’s ‘Objective data’, which were examined in detail. Specifically,  the members of  the scientific team agreed to:

  1. provide the English and the local name of monument (field 1);
  2. use a list of the principal typologies of the buildings, in order to facilitate both the Bulletin author and the final user (field 2);
  3. provide the geo-referenced coordinates as per Google.maps (field 4).

Furthermore, the members agreed that the card should present a general overview of the monument in its present condition and specifically :

  1. the dates of its most important periods of use;
  2. the description of the monument in its environmental context and its present state;
  3. data relating to ownership, the history of excavations and researches, bibliography; finally, in this first section, a list of photos will be provided to present the current state of the monument.

A meeting will be organized in June (about 10th-12th) by the IUAV team  in Venice, in order  for the members of the Network  to finalize the analytical review of the card (in particular the ‘Critical dataset’).