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myEleusis.AR; Reviving the monuments of Eleusis

Source; myEleusis.AR

The “Athena” Research Center team is developing myEleusis.AR, which is utilising augmented reality technologies, for the in situ digital reconstruction of the monuments of the archaeological site of Eleusis.

The archaeological site along with the surviving parts of its monuments form the basis of the virtual reconstruction of the ancient world. The three-dimensional synthesized content is placed within the physical space. Therefore, visitors using their mobile devices, smartphones, tablets etc, will be able to witness what the monuments of the archaeological site of Eleusis looked like in their original state.

Τhe overall aim of myEleusis.AR is to visualise and represent the original state and placement of monuments, in a 3D environment. The visitors of the archaeological site will be able to experience simultaneously both the current and the original state of the monuments. Thus, the monuments of the archaeological site of Eleusis, come to life anew, through our mobile devices.

Through augmented reality technologies, notions such as history, time and space take on new dimensions, as the present and the past intertwine through our screens.

The augmented reality subsystem myEleusis.AR is currently in the initial stage of development. The collaborating teams are prototyping and testing specific algorithms for site recognition while utilizing geospatial data for the projection of the resulting synthetic material upon the physical environment.