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Delphic Cultural Heritage Days 2021


Delphic Cultural Heritage Days 2021” take place from June 11 to July 11, 2021 in six areas and multiple venues: Delphi, Sykia, Lefkada, Salamis Island, Aegina, and Athens.
The cultural events―including “Angelos Sikelianos” International Poetry Festival―are dedicated to the poet, author and playwright Angelos Sikelianos and his work, while also approaching the decisive role of Eva Palmer―his wife―in their common vision for the Delphic Festivals, as well as her contribution to their realisation.
The parallel activities include workshops with the participation of local cultural institutions and associations.

Delphic Cultural Heritage Days:
an International Intellectual Forum for people of the Letters and the Arts worldwide

  • offering the opportunity to talk, exchange ideas, explore and propose solutions to shared problems, as well as demonstrate achievements in the field of thought, arts and culture in general.
  • aiming to revive and revisit Sikelianos’s idea to make Delphi a point of global reference, a quality that comes from antiquity.


To find out more on Angelos Sikelianos, the “Delphic Idea”, and the events, download the presentation in pdf format: PRESENTATION