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Cultural Routes of Sterea Ellada and Diazoma: What is new?

The region of Sterea Ellada, has over the past 4 years tried to create a specific cultural theme. In this effort, one of the most important allies is the non-profit organization ‘’Diazoma’’, which has already developed cultural routes around five ancient theatres of Epirus, along with the Via Egnatia in northern Greece and in Central Greece around Delphi and Orchomenos Park. The Cultural Route of Central Greece brings together the ancient theatres of Delphi, Orchomenos, Kavyrio, Eretria and Ascre and illuminates the monuments and ancient spaces surrounding them.

The goal is to create new cultural hubs around the rich cultural heritage of each ancient monument, theatre and archaeological site in the Region of Sterea Ellada, and to combine masterpieces of past civilizations with touristic attractions and the natural beauty of our Region.

These new cultural hubs, unknown to international tourist networks, are meant to attract many visitors looking for new destinations, new experiences, off the beaten paths throughout the year. In addition to monuments and archaeological sites, visitors will be able to enjoy high-quality services and the best the Region of Sterea Ellada has to offer, such as local cuisine and traditional products, contemporary cultural life, nature and hospitality.

What is the interest of cultural routes for the visitors?

First of all, visitors’ experiences are enriched, as their journey is facilitated by digital applications that inform them about monuments, museums, archaeological sites, cultural events, hotels, restaurants, means of transport, public services, etc.

The history of each monument in the Region of Sterea Ellada is told in an appealing way for all audiences and ages because these narrations are composed by specialists in the field.

Second of all, there is the development of a Local Quality Contract. The Local quality contract aims at creating a high-quality network of all businesses in the region and not only those related to tourism. The implementation of this Local Quality Contract guarantees the quality of the services offered to visitors and tourists.

Finally, cultural routes offer memorable experiences and visitors will recommend them to their friends and families. The aim is to make them want to return one day and further explore the region.


Source; www.interregeurope.eu