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Cultural Route “VIA EGNATIA” – Cycle: “Avenues for Development & Culture”

Dimitris Mitropoulos Hall

6 February 2018/19:00

Free admission with admission ticket
Distribution of admission tickets begins at 5:30 p.m.

MEGARON PLUS in collaboration with the Diazoma Association

Cycle: “Avenues for Development & Culture”

“A trip with a luxury coach (Carpentum) on the ancient Via Egnatia, from Topeiros in Nestos to Dymi and Plotinopolis in Evros,
in search of the monuments of Thrace”

Speaker: Diamantis Triantaphyllos, Honorary Ephor of Antiquities

Introduction by Stavros Benos, President of the Diazoma Association

A musical journey in Eastern Macedonia and Thrace directed/supervised by Thanassis Gaifilias

Contributors-Musicians: Thanassis Gaifilias, Halil Mustafa, Evaggelia Tsiabazi, George Fratzolas, Vassilis Efrosinidis, Dimitris Efrosinidis and Tassos Kapzalas

Source; Megaron – The Athens concert hall