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Corporate members: the Economia Group

The Economia Group has supported the work of DIAZOMA since the creation of the association. In 2016, it joined the family of DIAZOMA’s corporate members, paying an annual membership fee of 3,000 euros, and to date it has contributed 14,000 euros to the DIAZOMA budget.

The Economia Group was founded in 1934 by Spyros Vovolinis and since then it has published financial journals, books and albums, in Greek and English. For years, the “Industrial Journal”, one of the oldest Greek financial journals, presented international economic developments in collaboration with eminent journalists, scientists and important figures from the industrial world.

In 1990, Alexandra K. Vovolini took over the management, making various improvements to the journal while retaining the traditional columns. The journal was renamed “Financial Journal” in 2004 and harmoniously combines tradition and innovation. This year the group is celebrating its 87 years of uninterrupted presence and its 1,000 issues of “Financial Journal”. In the last issue, personalities of our country speak about this anniversary and the contribution of the group to objective information in all sectors of the economy.

The Economia group participates actively in the economic development of our country. Moreover, it is actively involved in the framework of corporate social responsibility actions aimed at the well-being of society at large. Since 1994, the group has been organizing the Economia student competition in order to mobilize young people and link their academic knowledge to current issues, but also to put them in touch with leading companies in our country.

In this context, DIAZOMA supports each year the Economia student competition by welcoming the student who is awarded the first prize at the association’s General Assembly. In addition, the Economia group hosts the annual meetings of ANO DIAZOMA in the EcoZone area. ANO DIAZOMA is an incubator for innovative ideas, mainly coming from young people open to new approaches.

Through the student competition and ANO DIAZOMA, the DIAZOMA association and the Economia group share the objective of giving a voice to young people so that they can express their ideas and opinions while encouraging them to create a link between monuments and entrepreneurship so that the cultural heritage participates in the sustainable development of our country.