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6th General Assembly -Thursday 19 – Sunday 22 September Epirus

6th General Assembly

Thursday 19 – Sunday 22 September Epirus
The ancient theater of Dodoni chose the “Diazoma” Association to start the work of its two-day assembly. The 6th General Assembly (19-22 September) was also combined with the visit and tour to the archaeological sites and the ancient theaters of Epirus, specifically Nikopolis and Cassope of Preveza, Gitana  and Dodoni.

  • The tour and presentation of the ancient theaters was done in collaboration with the local Ephorate of Antiquities, by eminent archaeologists: Kostas Zachos (Nikopoli), Christina Mercouri (Cassope), George Riginos (Gitana), Kostas Soueref (Dodoni).
    In the ancient theaters, every evening the woodwind quintet “Aeolos”, of the state orchestra of Athens, gave concerts, offering a unique treat to the members of “Diazoma”.
  • Apart from the program, Juliet Iliopoulou recited lyrics from Elytis “Axion Esti”, under the imposing settings of the Gitanon theater.
  • Stavros Benos spoke about “country inventory management”, “infrastructure linked to monuments”, “alternative funding”, “emotional and intellectual reserve”, which must finally meet the spotlight.
  • Petros Themelis significantly touched hinted at the “economy of happiness”. Professor of archeology, Petros Themelis, spoke about the “open museums” in their natural spaces where the finds were discovered, while many members made remarkable proposals for the promotion of the monuments and their potential touristic use.
  • At the 6th General Assembly, which continued on the second day in the outdoor area of the hotel “Preveza beach”, a pilot program was also presented for the development of cultural tourism prepared by Diazoma and implemented by the Region of Epirus with the help of the NSRF. The program concerns a tourist route and a tour of the archaeological sites of Epirus. The competent trustee of the NSRF of Epirus, Mrs. Rokou, presented a comprehensive proposal for all the actions and projects of this program, for their inclusion in the NSRF, which resulted in positive criticism
    Presented by the President Stavros Benos, the General Assembly unanimously approved the report and planning of the Association for the following year.
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