Cultural Route of Thessaly

What do a Neolithic settlement, an ancient theatre, and a spectacular natural monument and monastery complex have in common? All three are the priceless landmarks of an inspirational route that highlights the unique cultural imprint of Thessaly.

Progress of Actions and Projects
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The approved Regional Operational Programme for Thessaly 2014-2020 provides for an Integrated Territorial Investment (ITI) concerning a Culture-Tourism Route in Thessaly. The purpose of the Route is to utilize and promote the Region’s cultural and natural heritage so that it becomes a vehicle for growth both in the areas directly implicated and the Region as a whole. The Route will cover important and renowned monuments of Thessaly. Geographically, it extends from the region of Western Thessaly (Trikala-Meteora) all the way to Eastern Thessaly (Magnesia) via Larissa. It includes all of the ancient theatres of Thessaly (Ancient Theatre of Phthiotidai Thebes, Ancient Theatre of Demetrias, Ancient Theatre of Larissa I, Ancient Theater of Larissa II) as well as the most remarkable monuments from other historical periods, principally the Neolithic settlements of Sesklo and Dimini, the Theopetra Cave and the Meteora monastic complex.

The main Route will be enriched where necessary and in response to the Operational Plan with the addition of other significant locations of cultural/environmental interest (either within the “zone” of the Route or as Route “satellites”) in order to foster interconnection and a unified development and promotion Plan. The ultimate goal is to increase visitor traffic, entrepreneurship, and employment in Thessaly.

Poles of Attraction

The axis of the Main Route is Nea Anchialos National Airport – Microthebes – Demetrias – Volos Port – Dimini—Sesklo – Artificial Lake Karla – Larissa – Theopetra (via Trikala) –Meteora.

The Cultural Tourism Route’s principal poles of attraction are the four ancient theatres of Thessaly, the Neolithic settlements of Sesklo and Dimini, the Theopetra Cave, and the Monasteries of Meteora.


A total of 37 million euro is provided for, deriving from calls for funding specific to the ancient theatres of Larissa and Microthebes (7 million euro) and the Culture-Tourism Route of Thessaly Integrated Territorial Investment (30 million euro).




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