Cultural Route of Naxos

One look at a prehistoric idol from Naxos is enough to understand that this is an island with a distinctive identity. Uniting ancient and Byzantine monuments, traditional and contemporary Mediterranean coastal aspects, the Cultural Route of Naxos showcases that identity and captures the long trajectory of an island with infinite development prospects.

Progress of Actions and Projects
Initial Planning Inclusion in a Funding Programme Infrastructure Marketing Plan - Digital Strategy Entrepreneurship Destination Management & Marketing Organisation (DMO)


The DIAZOMA Association has been assisting the Municipality of Naxos and Small Cyclades to design a Cultural Route for the island of Naxos. The goal is to prepare a mature project for inclusion in the new NSRF 2021-2027, meeting the requirements of either the Integrated Territorial Investment (ITI) or another funding tool. The Route’s design unifies Naxos’ cultural wealth in the best possible way. It captures the island’s long history, emphasizing its interior, nonetheless without excluding the touristic southwestern seafront.

 Poles of Attraction

The Cultural Route of Naxos poles of attraction are:


The budget will be set upon approval of the programme.