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An important moment for the ancient theatres of Larissa and the Prefecture of Magnesia

From the speech of the Prime Minister, Mr. Alexis Tsipras, at the Regional Conference on Productive Reconstruction in Larissa

The Prime Minister of the country, Mr. Alexis Tsipras, in his speech “Thessaly, the following day”, which took place in Larissa at the Regional Conference for Productive Reconstruction, referred to tourism development in the Thessaly Region, saying:

 “I now come to the subject of tourism. There is no doubt that this year we had an excellent year with yet another record, as in all these past years we have had significant performances. It is perhaps one of the most dynamic sectors of the Greek economy and this also applies for Thessaly”.

“Our intent is for tourism development to be in harmony with the environment”.

“To operate on a scale that does not disturb the overall life and the productive function of the place”. “To be in harmony with the rest of the other productive activities and to be able to connect with them”. “And, of course, to ensure sustainable working relationships”. “The 120 million Euros invitation from the NSRF to be announced immediately, for the set up of new tourist businesses”. Thereupon, the Prime Minister stressed the important role for the restoration of the ancient theatre of Larissa to local and national development, stating the following:

“We are also particularly concerned with the restoration of the Ancient Theatre of Larissa, a project that is important not only for the region but for the whole of Greece”.

“Most of the studies for this theatre have already been completed. The next step is joining finance programs”. “The work is estimated to last about three years. The cost is estimated at around 3 million Euros and the space will be able to accommodate 4,000 spectators”. “It is clear that this project is particularly important for the cultural life of the region, and comparable are also the works of other ancient theatres in Larissa and in the prefecture of Magnesia, which will also be immediately put into plan”. But I believe that what we have to keep here is that in about three years we will have the inauguration together”.

Source; www.thessaliatv.gr