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Archaeologists unearth ancient theater of Thouria, in Messinia

Greek archaeologists have unearthed a major part of the ancient theater of Thouria at the outskirts of Kalamata city in southern Greece, the country’s Culture Ministry announced on Thursday.

The first remains of the theater of the ancient city, which dates back to the 4th century BC, came to light during excavations in the summer of 2016.

During this summer’s excavations, archaeologists revealed the perimeter of the theater’s orchestra and several rows of stone seats in excellent condition, according to an e-mailed ministry press release.

The site, which has come to light so far, is 51.25 meters long and 22.8 meters wide, according to the release.

The excavation of ancient Thouria started 10 years ago. The site has been identified by epigraphic finds that mention the name of the ancient city, and references made by ancient Greek geographers Pausanias and Strabo.

Thouria’s theater is oriented to the west, overlooking the vast fertile plain of Messinia, known in the antiquity as “Makaria” (Blessed), and in the distance, to the southwest, the sea of the Messinian Gulf, which in the ancient times was called “Thouriates” (that belonged to Thouria), Greek archaeologists explained.

Archaeologists unearth ancient theater of Thouria, in Messinia – kathimerini.gr