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22 sustainable holiday ideas for 2022: where we’re dreaming of – Greece Ancient theatres get back in the act

Source; The Guardian

From hiking the Highlands to vintage train journeys, our travel writers pick the breaks on their wishlists


Ancient theatres get back in the act

The Epirus coast is one of the prettiest in Greece, yet one of the least visited, despite having the most accessible stretch of beaches for those who prefer to avoid flying, as it starts south of Igoumenitsa, terminus of the ferries from Italy.

I went on holiday to Parga when I was 12 and have vowed to return ever since. Not a resort on everyone’s radar, Parga is built over a double-curve bay. Memories of its transparent waters, fringed as they were by jungle-thick vegetation, merge in my mind with those of Brazil’s, a later love of mine.

Syvota, further north, presents an incongruous sight to Greece aficionados: a mountain village lording it over a magnificent coast, whose low treeline resembles a Norwegian fjord. I have long yearned to explore its archipelago of tiny offshore islands and their pristine sandy beaches.

It’s ancient history, though, that grabs me this year, associated with five ancient theatres restored and promoted as part of a new archaeological route. I’m particularly curious about Gitana, with its carved seat names – unusually one reserved for a woman, called Filista – and romantic Dodona, built by Pyrrhus, him of the “pyrrhic” victory which inspired Lord Byron to write a poem.

I won’t miss the theatre at ancient Nikopolis, founded by Octavian after his victory against Anthony and Cleopatra. Its successor, Preveza, is a delightful, laid-back town worth exploring that serves both as a cultural springboard and as a holiday choice in its own right, with a good share of pleasingly uncrowded beaches.

John Malathronas

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