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Athens July 13 2011,
Continuing its 25 years’ work in the preservation of our country’s cultural heritage, ELIX is launching a series of voluntary service programmes, in a new collaboration with the municipality of Megalopolis. The volunteer programmes are aiming to help restore the ancient theatre of Megalopolis and the surrounding archaeological site.ELIX is also establishing a new collaboration with DIAZOMA, a citizens’ movement actively involved in the initiative for the restoration of Greece’s ancient theatres and their re-establishment as locations of socio-cultural interest. DIAZOMA is extremely supportive of voluntary service efforts, helping guide and focus the volunteering work with the assistance of specialised researchers.Over a period of four weeks (between the 4th of July and the 5th of August 2011) the municipality of Megalopolis hosts 25 volunteers from across the globe split into two groups, each active for two weeks. The volunteers’ goal is to assist in the work of the relevant Ephorate of Classical Antiquities of Arcadia, under the guidance of archaeologists and trained ELIX group leaders.More specifically, the voluntary service focuses on the restoration of the Orchestra and the infrastructure for waste management, the preparation of the site for future excavations and the construction of pathways for visitors, the removal of plant growth and the restoration of the area surrounding the Theatre.All volunteers are accommodated at the highschool building of Megalopolis and during their free time they have the chance to experience the beauty of the area, its culture and traditions, its history and the hospitality of its residents. The presence of ELIX’s international volunteer groups at a number of archaeological sites and the support provided by these groups in collaboration with the local municipalities and Ephorates of Antiquities are proof of the need to showcase our cultural heritage and promote it all over the world. ELIX volunteer initiatives include “Chrysospilia” in the island of Folegandros, the “Temple of the Egyptian goddess Isis” and the “Roman Baths” at Nea Makri, the “Minoan Manor” at Pitsidia and the Acropolis site at Smari, Crete, the “Roman Baths” and “Roman Manor” at Stroggyli (Arta) and the archaeological site of Ancient Olympia.


About ELIX – Voluntary Service Programmes

The non-profit organisation “ELIX” has been helping to establish a “volunteering conscience” and promoting voluntary services since 1987.

ELIX’s main goal is the contribution to individuals’ personal growth and their development to citizens of the world via active participation to common causes.

ELIX is responsible for international volunteering initiatives, aiming to protect the natural environment, to preserve and promote cultural heritage and social contribution.

In order to achieve its goals, ELIX collaborates with local government organisations, state agencies, companies, various foundations as well as local environmental and cultural committees.

ELIX is a member of the Alliance of European Voluntary Service Organisations network, the Conservation Volunteers Alliance, the Panhellenic Network of Environmental Organisations and the Voluntary Service and Environment network. For more information, visit www.elix.org.gr.

For more information, please contact:

ELIX – Voluntary Service Programmes

Dora Vougiouka, PR Manager
e-mail: [email protected]
phone no.: 0030 210 3825506
web: www.elix.org.gr