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The journey of Ano Diazoma begins. Ano Diazoma welcomes all of you to team up and contribute to the future of the ancient theatres.

New Acropolis Museum

The first open meeting of Ano Diazoma, the new generational members of Diazoma, took place  at the crowded amphitheatre of the Acropolis Museum, on Sunday 17th of May, 2015. The venue turned out to be symbolic as it was also there, where the official announcement about Ano Diazoma concept was released.

The event had a busy agenda with keynote speeches by members, volunteers & collaborators of Diazoma. Each of them approached this new concept from its unique personal angle and shared their thoughts & experiences with each other. More specifically, they were talks by Maria Sofikitou (archaeologist), Evdokimos Fregoglou ( Multimedia Applications Manager), Sokratis Mechteridis (Digital Applications Production), Guilielmos Orestidis & Nikos Chatzidakis (architects), George Drivas (artist- director), Vangelis Efthymiou ( Video Productions/ Director), Panagiotis Vlachos ( Public Policy & Communications consultant, co-founder of “VouliWatch”), Mary Belogianni (philologist )& two of her students from the Varvakeios School, the head of Corporate Communications at “Titan”, Nadia Drakoula (writer-journalist & co-founder of the company “Treli Rodia”) & Theodore Benos (researcher at the University of Maastricht & co-founder of the portal gyri.gr).