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The DIAZOMA Association Signs an Agreement Commissioning the New Forest of Northern Evia Study

On Wednesday, October 20, 2021, the DIAZOMA Association and the environmental services company YLI- Environmental Protection & Management signed an agreement commissioning the preparation of an Integrated Development Strategic Planning Study for the New Forest of Northern Evia, entitled New Forest Master Plan.

This is the first agreement of its kind to be signed in the context of the Reconstruction Programme for Northern Evia; thus, its focus on the forest takes on added symbolic significance.

Having presented the Reconstruction Programme to Prime Minister Mr Kyriakos Mitsotakis last August, the President of the Reconstruction Committee for Northern Evia, Mr Stavros Benos, made a commitment to secure funding for all studies through private donations and to have concluded all corresponding agreements by the end of October 2021. In this immense task, he has marshalled all of DIAZOMA’s forces, and the entire DIAZOMA family is deeply moved by the response of its Corporate Members, who have agreed to fund the bulk of the studies.

Through the Reconstruction Programme, we look forward to the regeneration of Northern Evia by constructing a better future that is environmentally and economically sustainable. The Programme is holistic and people-centred in character, and its implementation will be driven by Integrated Territorial Investments (ITI), a powerful tool that features prominently in the NSRF 2021-2027.

The founding goals and principles of the whole Reconstruction can be summarized as follows:

«We want the NEW FOREST to be teeming with life, to be regenerated and adopted by the local community, its regeneration led by the two emblematic communities of the resin collectors and the beekeepers.

We also want the NEW FOREST to be the leading light of GREEN and DIGITAL “twin” transition, to become a milestone of innovation in the critical field of resilience to future threats.

We want the ecological dimension to dominate without neglecting the “economy of the forest” in an intelligent and measured manner that will set the tone and be an inspiration to all the institutional pillars of the Reconstruction (agri-food, tourism, infrastructure, social institutions, etc.).”

The Reconstruction Plan for Northern Evia is structured around ten thematic studies. The New Forest Master Plan is one of the fundamental studies for the regeneration of Northern Evia.

The purpose of this study is to analyse the present situation and propose solutions to protect the area from the impact of the disaster and restore forest ecosystems, as well as to propose measures to support the reconstruction of production to the extent that the forest participates in it.

The subject of the agreement is specifically broken down as follows:

Α. Analysis of the area


Α.1     Extent and unique characteristics with regard to flora and fauna

Α.2    Areas of natural beauty and forest recreation

Α.3    Productive activities (e.g., livestock farming, resin harvesting, logging, beekeeping, charcoal, etc.)

Α.4    Presentation of the particular characteristics of ownership status

Α.5    Forest map data and statutory regulations (protected areas, scheduled for reforestation, etc.)

Β. Impact analysis and assessment


Β.1.    Nature

  • The forest as a functional whole
  • Water
  • Flora, particularly fir and black pine
  • Fauna
  • Natural beauty spots and accessibility

Β.2.   Productive Base

Impact of the wildfires on professions and incomes of those working in/with the forest.

  1. Vision and Strategy for the New Forest

Description of the vision for the region and the strategy for the reconstruction of all activities in the “New Forest.”

  1. Proposals


D.1.    Proposals for immediate action

  • Protection and forest cleaning of surviving clusters of trees
  • Forest recreation projects
  • Reforestation of fir, black pine
  • Projects for the protection of natural resources (wetland, fauna, sites of natural beauty)

D.2.   Medium-term proposals

  • Programmes for the protection, enhancement, and promotion of biodiversity
  • Natural regeneration and reforestation
  • Wildfire protection plans to guard against new wildfires
  • Plans for the protection of settlements against wildfires
  • Forest road construction
  • Forest recreation & interventions in outstanding natural beauty spots
  • Measures to support productive reconstruction that are based on the forest’s presence.

The study will be completed in ten months, and its cost amounts to 140,000 euros, including VAT.

This amount is fully covered by sponsorships secured by DIAZOMA. 100,000 and 40,000 euros were kindly donated by IKEA International and Viohalco, respectively, both Corporate Members of the DIAZOMA Association.

DIAZOMA would like to express its warmest thanks to these two companions for providing their vital support in implementing such an ambitious programme for Greece.

Signing the “New Forest Master Plan” agreement