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The Chasm of Cassope: a contemporary play starring the Ancient Theatre of Cassope

The visit of French playwright Frederic Lenormand to the magnificent archaeological site of Ancient Cassope a few years ago inspired his play Le gouffre de Kassopé (The Chasm of Cassope).

The play tells the authentic history of the region and is a valuable contribution to the current archaeological site. Set in Ancient Cassope following the victory at Actium (Battle of Actium, 31 BC), a Roman emissary announces to the Ancient Cassopaeans that a new Roman city will soon be constructed at the site of Ancient Cassope and that they must adopt the Roman way of life. The ensuing negotiations have a humorous tone and interesting dialogues, leading to an unexpected outcome.

Discovering the existence of this play sparked the moving initiative taken by DIAZOMA regular members and volunteers to translate the play into Greek. To this end, DIAZOMA regular member and translator Ms Carole Molter formed a team of volunteers with a shared interest in antiquity and Greek civilisation, who organised and carefully carried out the translation.

The DIAZOMA Association wishes to thank everyone who contributed to the discovery and translation of the play: Mr Nikos Karabelas, president of the Ancient Theatres of Epirus Cultural Route’s Business Cluster; DIAZOMA associate member Mr Panagiotis Klimis; DIAZOMA regular member Ms Carole Molter; DIAZOMA regular member Ms Anastasia Parha; volunteers Mr Agis Politis, Mr Michalis Martinos and Ms Elisavet Kapageridou.

We hope the play will bring Ancient Cassope to life and prompt the public to become acquainted with the site’s great history and incomparable beauty.