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Synergies for the Promotion of the “Ancient Theatres of Epirus” Cultural Route

Fifty businesses of the “Ancient Theatres of Epirus” Business Cluster having recently obtained certification and received the Route Logo, which signifies that the goods and services provided by the logo-bearer are of the highest quality, a most interesting gastronomy and food tasting event took place in October.

The event took place during the FAM trip organized for journalists and bloggers from Greece and abroad (England, Germany, Italy, Israel) by the Region of Epirus on October 14-16 as part of its “Networking and Promoting Tourism in the Region of Epirus” and the First Combined Campaign on “Culture-Gastronomy” initiatives.

The gastronomy and food tasting event was organized by Farm Moschopoulou, an exemplary organic olive grove set in a NATURA reserve that produces POIEMA, an organic olive oil of low acidity and high nutritional value. The farm is situated on the Arachthos River estuary, which used to be the main trade entry point for the transportation of goods in ancient Ambracia.

Farm Moschopoulou is one of the first 50 businesses to have completed the integration process and is now a member of the programme’s Business Cluster. As part of the FAM trip, a holistic event was designed combining culture and tourism and, most importantly, encouraging synergies between the businesses producing local products in the region. Greek and foreign journalists who visited the organic olive grove of Father Vasilis Roussas by the Ambracian Gulf were able to sample local products and the delicacies so generously provided by the Ambracian Gulf, such as mullet, sea bass, sea bream, anchovies, and avgotaraho (the pressed, salted, sun-dried roe of gray mullet).

The active pursuit of synergies between members of the Route’s Cluster is one of the certification prerequisites, as synergies encourage the fostering of links between businesses that have elected to cooperate in order to improve the quality of the goods and services offered, sharing the common goal of promoting the Route as a destination.

This event is an excellent example of the “Ancient Theatres of Epirus” Cultural Route Business Cluster’s potential and momentum and creates a solid foundation for the programme’s sustainability.

To find out more about the Cultural Route, please visit its website.

Food and olive oil tasting at Farm Moschopoulou