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The students of the 1rst middle school of Paralia (Patras) adopt the Roman stadium of Patras.

The students of the 1rst middle school of Paralia (Patras) have adopted the Roman stadium of Patras as part of the cultural program “Adoption of ancient theatres – Students guide students in ancient theatres” in which school cultural groups participated in 2014-2015 and 2015 -2016. This unprecedented experience for the students took place on May 12, 2015 in the presence of the president of DIAZOMA association, Stavros Benos. The educational program continues and participants share the knowledge and experience gained with others.

We want to share with the teaching community and the general public the Power Point presentation on the Roman stadium that the students prepared as well as the 2 videos made with the Ignite technique, in Greek and in English, entitled “In search of the Roman treasure of Patras”.


The teachers in charge: Paloumbi Vassiliki, Demiri Angeliki, Aravatinou Angeliki